OPTI-6G published its first flyer in the occasion of the Berlin 6G Plateform conference in Berlin

The Annual Networking Event of the German 6G Program – organized by the 6G Platform Germany happened at the Berlin Congress Center (BCC), between the 02 and 04 of July 2024.

On this occasion, OPTI-6G published its first flyer resuming the OPTI-6G project overview, challenges and objectives.

The OPTI-6G project provides a broadband Optical Wireless 6G Communications (OWC) solution based on a combined cell-free network architecture and Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) array solution. The air interface operates in the near Infrared (IR) 850-1050 nm wavelength range that does not suffer from electromagnetic interference in this part of the spectrum and provides universal broadband indoor coverage by OWC access points that are pervasively located within buildings. This broadband system will provide 1 to 3 Gbps data rates for distances up to 5m from each access point over a field of emission of 25° to 15° respectively and paves the way towards a beam-steered OWC system that will ultimately produce much wider access angles.


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